WestToonz Animator Training, Animation Direction for series test for Play Entertainment

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 2013



“My experience with Mike felt more personal for me because he not only got into our brains but also our hearts to drive us to produce work that is amazing in the span of three weeks. I have learned a lot. Overall, these three weeks have been packed with knowledge I will never forget”



My expectations were met and exceeded! I am really at a loss for words, but what I will say is that I saw a massive improvement of my animation skills and understanding of the animation principles. I can’t thank you enough Mike!”



“From the few weeks you were here, I really was able to see animation so much clearer. I felt terrible at animation but honestly now I feel like I’m able to do this. I was encouraged, inspired and left with lots of wisdom. You did a great job, loved all of the sketching and going through the animation clips, learned a lot that way. Thanks Mike!”



“The experience of being trained by Mike for a way too short three weeks was great. Mike truly showed his knowledge, expertise and experience throughout the training. From day one I felt I had learned something that would improve my animations drastically. I have learned so much in the three weeks than I have ever learned practicing on my own. Mike has also given side tips on how to improve and how to practice effectively. It has been a very valuable experience. THANK YOU!!!”



“Our training with Michael has really equipped me with skills and confidence to take on animation at any level and the motivation to continue and improve. Thanks again Michael”



“Thank you for sharing your knowledge of both animation and especially of drawing. I am grateful for the newfound confidence you have inspired in me. Thanks to the past three weeks I really feel like I can do this; your encouragement has meant a lot”



“Learning from Mike has been a great experience. The lessons were very informative. I learned quite a lot and I’ve gained even more motivation to keep striving to improve. I only wish the time could have been longer, as there is more I feel we would have been taught and I hope he comes again!”


“This was an awesome training! I benefited so much and also everyone else. I could really see the improvement in us. We really appreciate your guidance because a lot of us need to believe in ourselves considering we had all had a hard time pushing for our dreams with a lot of negativity. Your help has given us the boost we need! Once again many thanks!!!”