ReelRock/GSW Animator Training

Kingston, Jamaica, February 2014


“Over the two weeks of training I learned animation techniques that I would have never understood without Mike’s help. He taught me to see my strengths and weaknesses as an animator and also where I would like to be in the future in terms of my technique. I would like to thank him for being a good teacher to me and on day I hope to be even half as good as he is.”


“For the past two weeks I have learned how to be a better animator, in terms of looking at the animation process as a more life-like, interactive experience. My skills have also improved where drawing is concerned as well, in a great way. Thank you for coming Mike, much appreciated.”


"I learned how to really break down an animation to it’s core elements and give my own animation personality and character. All in all, I learned a great deal and had a lot of fun doing so. Thanks Mike.”


“I honestly don’t think I have enough time, or paper, to talk about all I’ve learned over the past two weeks. I learned new ways to analyze movement and really break down actions. To feel a performance in my own body and plan before I even start animating. I think I’m a better artist now, and I know I’m a better animator. Having a fresh take on the principles of animation really gave me some new insight and a different perspective on character performance. The biggest thing I think was reminding me why I got into animation in the first place. I find myself excited again to watch…anything…and just observe life."


"Mike's experience really shines, amazing insight…it gets me excited to animate more. It was really great and learned a lot. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher."


“In the past two weeks Mike helped me to increase the amount of respect I have for animation. I felt like I was a complete “noob” on so many occasions because I just did not know so many of the historical references that contributed to the industry and what it is today. Mike left me with a feeling of confidence in my abilities as an artist, as an animator, and as a thinker. He literally reshaped my mind and I am beyond grateful for that. Mike’s humility and warm spirit made it very easy to absorb the wealth of knowledge he has and I consider it a priviledge to have received him as a trainer."


“These days have been an eye-opening experience. I acquired an in-depth knowledge of how to be my own critic in animation, and the stages required for me to push it in ever larger steps forward. When Mike taught me the animation principles and how they are applied it was very straight-forward, and it made perfect sense to me. Now from my results I feel that the experience has greatly helped how I animate. Thanks a lot Mike.”