HuevoCartoon, Animation Director, Nickelodeon series test 

Mexico City, Mexico, December 2013


Animator Testimonials:


"Michael, thank you very much for your guidance. It has helped me to improve my attitude for animation, and also helped to raise the level and quality in the finish and organization of our work. We have been lucky to have you share your knowledge, and now I feel we can reach an international level in animation. Your contributions in the direction of the project have helped me a lot as to how to review animation and to have better direction and a professional finish. I feel very fortunate that an animation great has helped and guided us as you have a lot of experience and everyone in the studio admires your work. We would like very much to continue working with you.”  


                                                           -Rafa Luna, Animation Director



"Michael, it was a pleasure to meet you and to work together these days. In just a few days you really helped all the guys to grow, and motivated all of us. Thank you very much for your help and support. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the studio, as much as we enjoyed having you. We hope to have you back here again soon and to continue working together! You are a great person and a great professional. See you soon."



"Michael, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. It was a very enriching experience; it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to work with people so experienced in animation; your contributions to our work has helped us to grow as animators. Personally I have learned to never be satisfied with my work, to always seek how to improve it. I hope you will come back to continue sharing with us."

"Thank you! Your experience has helped us a lot in our finished work. The shots I had already done were very basic and simple, but once you reviewed it and gave me suggestions for changes, like clearer arcs and more exaggeration, it meant more work but it was worth the effort and work to see the final result. Thank you very much for the supervision and for being a good person and mentor. Best wishes on your projects and in your life."


"Many thanks for your time and your advice, for me it was an honor to have shared this tiime with someone with as much experience as you have. What I most appreciate in these days was your commitment to the studio and to the project. I hope you come back to teach us more! Thanks for everything!"


"More than anything I have appreciated the patience and dedication you have shown us. I found most interesting the details and vision of the way you appreciate animation. Knowing you has indeed been a great learning experience. Even though I am not an animator, seeing how you analyze each frame of animation has helped me a lot in improving the quality and method of creating the clean-up animation. We rarely have the opportunity to have such an expert eye, and we look forward to moving forward with your advice, despite the distance. Many thanks."


"Personally I feel fortunate to work alongside someone so experienced, and to be able to exchange visions and viewpoints about animation. As a team, I think it was very motivating for everyone, as well as enriching, a great opportunity to learn and to break the routine that daily work can entail. Michael's contribution was very important also for the input regarding animation solutions and the experienced eye for not missing any detail. Michael, thanks for everything!"