Click-House Animator Training

Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2012


"Twice, I have hired Mike to run Animation Workshops. The first while I was head of Worldwide Production at DisneyToon Studios and most recently to travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh to train an enthusiastic group of young animators at Click-House studio. Mike's workshops are amazing as demonstrated in these quotes from the workshop participants: 'In a word Mike is a genius trainter', 'He knows everything about animation and explains it in a very understandable way.' I would hire Mike again in a heartbeat to run one of his workshops at a studio anywhere in the world"

-Lenora Hume, Animation Producer and Production Executive


"It was a privilege to work with Mike. He is a great mentor. He knows where to manage people's time properly by having them focus on the most important aspects of the animation. His training has helped my colleagues to believe in themselves and to apply the fundamentals of animation in their work."

-Nasir Ahmed, Managing Director & Partner, Click-House Studio 


Animator Testimonials:


“In a word Mike is a genius trainer. I learned a lot from him. He is an excellent speaker. He taught us how to analyze film and animation. We are very impressed with his kind and easy manner. Actually, in this workshop he opened my inner mind. Now I’m inspired to draw and I can do it easily.”


“I was really excited from the beginning when I heard that Mike was coming. I can’t put into words how happy I am. I have learned so many things from Mike. It was the best workshop I have ever had. I knew all of the animation principles but didn’t know how to apply them properly. I learned how to analyze animation and film, and how to learn from them. I also learned how important the thumbnail process is before I start an animation, and also how to create a ‘story’ for every action. Once again, it was really a great opportunity for me to have this time with Mike. Thanks a lot.”


“Mike’s teaching is very good. I like his smiling face. He makes the lesson so easy and simple. He is so friendly so that students have no hesitation to ask any question. He tries his best to make the lesson understandable. I like most that he is concerned about all the animators and attends to all of their needs equally. I learned a lot from him.”


“Michael is a very good person and a very good trainer. I am very interested to work with him again in the future. I learned so many things and it was very helpful to me.”


“I am really excited about Mike. He is a great talent and also a kind person. I learned many things from him. His is able to explain animation concepts very well. He knows everything about animation and explains it in a very understandable way. I have gotten many things from his class/lectures. He is very helpful to everyone in the group.”


“I learned a lot and gained a lot. Mike is one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. After this workshop I feel confident to apply the ideas he taught us.”


“It was really a big opportunity for me to get this kind of training from Mike. Thanks to him and studio Click-House for making this possible for me and us. Firstly I learned the animation principles well. All these years this was in the book but not in my head. I also learned how to act out a scene, and how to analyze animation frame-by-frame. The main thing I learned from Mike is how to criticize my own work. Thanks again.”


“This was a great time with Mike. I learned a lot! The importance of the breakdown pose, working within a pose, asking questions when watching animation – how the great animators were thinking when they were animating. Animating visually. How to listen to and analyze the dialogue track, going through by phrase, words, etc., breaking it up. One very cool thing I learned is “don’t animate nouns, animate verbs...objectives” The only negative thing I can say is that Mike is leaving us too soon. I hoped he would stay a little longer. Thanks again.”


“I feel lucky and proud to be part of Mike’s workshop. He is a very good teacher and also a very good actor. Mike is a great guide for me. Thanks very much to him for getting me into drawing. I will remember this experience for my entire life. I wish all the best for Mike.”


“First I want to say, Mike is a very good teacher. I’m proud of his teaching. Within a few days I fell in love with his class. So I will miss him and his teaching. I hope he will come back again so we can learn more from him. Thanks.”