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Alumni 10-Year Reunion

Jun 11, 2018  点击:

On November 9, 2011, 18 students of the English Education Program Class of 1999 returned to campus to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of graduation. They were there to witness the growth and rapid changes that had been made to their university.

The Associate Party Secretary of the School, Mr. Wang Shuangxi; Associate Dean, Fang Wenkai; Mr Xing Jiafeng; and the graduates held a forum. Professor Fang Wenkai first welcomed the returning graduates to campus. He outlined the development of the University and the School. Then the alumni each shared their anecdotes about their university life including their time with teachers and classmates. The alumni were all deeply impressed by the development in the new campus with excellent education facilities and beautiful surroundings.

The alumni expressed their sincere wishes for their university to continue excelling. Teachers also sincerely expressed their wishes for the continued success of these alumni.


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