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Alumni Day Gathering and Classmates Sharing Friendship

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On November 10, 2012, 18 alumni from English Class 981/982 of the School of Foreign Studies, Jiangnan University (previously Department of Foreign Studies, Wuxi University of Light Industry), returned to the University to participate in alumni day activities hosted by the University.

At 9 am, the alumni visited the university library and joined in the alumni day assembly. They listened to the university leaders’ speeches about university development and praised the rapid advancement of the university. Later, the alumni representative, Ms. You Xiaoyan, gave a speech on behalf of the alumni, marking their 10 years since graduation. She looked back at the good times 10 years ago at the university and conveyed the alumni’s most sincere wishes to the University and to the teachers for a greater tomorrow.

At lunch-time, the alumni dined at Canteen No. 1 and tasted university life again. They held the plates as they had 10 years before and reminisced about those interesting stories related to food and the canteen. They laughed and joked, as if the clock had been wound back 10 years.

In the afternoon, at the School of Foreign Studies’ meeting room, the alumni  were warmly received by school leaders. The school leaders and the alumni talked intimately. The school leaders outlined the current state and development of the School of Foreign Studies. The alumni praised the 10 years of changes and were proud and happy about the School’s progress. Later, the alumni and their former teachers chatted happily. Upon encountering their former teachers and ex-classmates, the alumni readily fell into conversation. They compared their current photos with those of 10 years ago and remarked the changes that had happened between the photos. The relaxed buzz of conversation saw the day’s event come to a climax.

Finally, the alumni expressed their gratitude to the University and their teachers. They hoped the future of the University would continue to prosper. They presented the university with a series of books on English and American Literature and Culture. They hoped the students of the School of Foreign Studies would cherish their university life, utilize knowledge, and prepare skills for their future development.

With the wishes of the school leaders and the teachers, the alumni class of ‘98 back-to-campus event reached a perfect end. The alumni vowed: Let’s meet again in 10 years!


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