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Wang Huidong, excellent headmaster


Wang Huidong studied in the School of Foreign Studies, Jiangnan University in June 1985. In 1988, he was awarded a bachelor degree in English from Jiangsu Education Institute. He was awarded a master’s degree in education, economics, and management from East China Normal University in 1999.


He is an eminent professor-level high school teacher and headmaster in Wuxi. He is a member of the Jiangsu Province Young and Middle Aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution, and Jiangsu Outstanding Individual in Education Research.


He is the Associate Director of the Jiangsu Education Association, an evaluation panel expert member of provincial four-star level high schools; a master’s program adviser for East China Normal University; and adjunct professor of Xuzhou Normal University. He is also Associate Director of the Wuxi English Program Association.


Wang Huidong is currently one of the recipients of the State Council Special Allowance. He joined the Ministry of Education 1st Core High School Headmaster Training program. He was awarded status as leader of Wuxi Discipline Teaching and Education Research and Wuxi’s excellent headmaster and the innovative and entrepreneurial talent of Binhu District, Wuxi.


Wang Huidong has written more than 50 papers on teaching. He is the chief researcher and a member of more than 10 provincial and above projects. He is at the forefront of educational management practice and theoretical research. He has been reported by the following media:

China Education Journal “he acts presidentially in this way;” China Teacher — “Education: Dancing between ideal and reality;” Shanghai Wenhui Daily with photos and introductions; cover stories in Basic Education Reference, Middle School and Primary School Headmasters. Leading newspapers and television media such as China Education Journal and Xinhua Daily have reported his excellent stories.


Zeng Rong, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Xu Xiake Town


Zeng Rong studied in the School of Foreign Studies from 1999 to 2003. After receiving his bachelor degree, he went to Glamorgan University, UK, where he graduated with a master’s degree from the School of Economics in June 2005.


In 2005, after returning from overseas, he set up Jiangyin Lu Tuo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2007, he set up Jiangyin Lu Da Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., introducing technology from Luxembourg and Belgium. The company started to cooperate with foreign companies to produce mechanical cradles. In the same year, the company registered the brand “Honor”. After developing for two years, the company had an area of 50 acres with an actual plant size of 30,000 m2. The company also entered the national nuclear power industry. It is the only supplier of this industry’s non-standard mechanical cradles for building nuclear islands in China. It has also maintained a solid cooperative relationship with Asia’s biggest nuclear island construction companies. In 2010, he set up Jiangyin Excellent Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has worked on independent research, development, and production of textile machinery for national high-tech projects.


In 2010, he was appointed as assistant to the director of Beizhu Village, Xu Xiake Town, City of Jiangyin. In 2011, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Xu Xiake Town. In February 2012, he was elected National People's Congress representative of the City of Jiangyin.

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