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LI Xuening

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LI   Xuening


BA  in English from Xiangtan University, China

MA in   English Language and Literature from Central South University, China

PhD in   Computer Science from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Postdoc   in English Language and Literature from Shandong University

Academic   Publications

Semantic Computing Theory of Adjective Modifiers   and Its Application in the Lexicography of CFL Learner’s Dictionaries [M]. Beijing:World Book Inc, 2012.

With Zhang Delu and Miao Xingwei, Functional   Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching ( Ver.3), [M]. Beijing: Foreign   Language Teaching and Research Press, 2008.

Attributes in Representation of Adjectival   Modification in Chinese and Their Extraction from a Machine Readable   Dictionary[A]. In Proceedings of   IEEE ICICIC, 2008: 414. (EI, ISTP retrieval)

A Conceptual Model of Adjectival Modification in   Chinese and its Automatic Construction from a Machine Readable Dictionary[A]. In Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE MUE, 2008:   238-243. EI retrieval

With Dong Jianqiao, On Halliday’s Thoughts on   Machine Translation [J]. Foreign Languages in China. 2012 (3): 90-93,   100.


On Bilingual Emotive Lexicon Alignment Based on   AVS. Proceedings of the 9th National Translation Study Dictionary and   Translation Theory Seminar & Symposium. Shaanxi Normal University,   15-17 September 2017.

Feedback of A New Concise Course on Linguistics   for Students of English, Proceedings of the 7th National Language   Education Seminar & Symposium. Xinyang Normal University, 13-15 May   2016.

Workshop Host, Knowledge Representation Methods   of SFG in Natural Language Representation, Proceedings of the 40th International   Systemic Functional Linguistic Congress. Sun Yat-sen University, 15-19   July 2013.

Enhancing Adjectival Entries with an AVS Model- A   case study of Modern Chinese Standard Dictionary, Proceedings of the 2th Asia   Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies and Overseas Chinese Language   Teaching Seminar. University of Portland, USA, 2-4 November 2012.

Past   Schools

Shandong   University (2011-2013)

Awards   & Grants

Second   Prize for Excellent Research in Social Sciences. Shandong Province2007

First   Prize for Teaching Achievement. Jiangnan University2007

“Excellent   Scientific Research Personnel”. Jiangnan University

(the   only in 2013


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