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GONG Xiaobin

May 3, 2018  点击:


BA   & MA in English Language and Literature from Soochow University

PhD   in English Language and Literature from Shanghai International Studies   University

Academic Publications

1. Several   Issues on Cohesion, Foreign Language   Research, 1994(5);

2. English   Writing: Optimized Peer Feedback, Foreign   Language Learning Theory and Practice, 2007(3)

3. Quantitative   Iconicity in E-C and C-E Translation, Shanghai   Journal of Translators, 2008(4);

4. Cultural   Reflections on Zero Translation, Journal   of Soochow University(Philosophy & Social Science Edition), 2008(4);

5. Targeting   of College English Teaching in Perspective of Objective Demand, Foreign Languages and Their Teaching,   2009(8);

6. The   Trend of Foreignization and Domestication in the Context of Chinese Culture, Foreign Theoretical Trends, 2009(2);

7. Visual Translation in Literary   Texts, Soochow University Press, 2013;

8. A Historical View of the Roles   of College English Teachers in China,   Soochow University Press, 2014;

9. Chinese Translation of Deviant   Language in Ulysses, Soochow University Press,   2015;

10. Linguistic Forms We Learn By,   Soochow University Press, 2017

Conferences (papers presented)


Scholarly Exchanges

1. Train   the Trainer Program, Jiangsu Educational Bureau, July-September, 2004;

2. Teacher   Development Program, Jiangnan University, July-August, 2014

Past Schools

Lecturer,   Soochow University, 1986-1994

Awards & Grants

1. Rong   Zhiquan Teaching Award, 2005, 2012

2. Most   Popular Teacher, Jiangnan University, 2012


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