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LI Jianxue

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BA in   English from Yangzhou University

Academic   Publications


2014. Jianxue   Li. Teacher-led English Program Evaluation: Theory and Applciation. Soochow University Press.

Journal   Articles

1.   2017. Jianxue Li & Yuecong Yu. Review of Multimodality and Cognitive   Linguistics. Modern Foreign Languages,   1: 137-140.

2.   2016. Minfen Yan & Jianxue Li. Review of Constructional Change in   English: Developments in Allomorphy, Word Formation, and Syntax. Foreign Language Teaching and Research,   1: 155-158.

3.2015.JianxueLi&Yan   Wang. Review of Constructionalization   and Constructional Changes. Modern   Foreign Languages, 2: 287-290.

4.   2015.Jiafeng Xing & Jianxue Li. Metaphorical Mapping and the Construal of   Textual Space. Foreign Language   Learning Theory and Practice, 1: 32-36.

5.   2012. Jianxue Li. The Application of Context-adaptive Model to English   Language Program Evaluation. Curriculum,   Teaching Material and Method, 9: 64-69.

6.   2010. Minfen Yan & Jianxue Li. On the Objective, Approaches and Methods   of Metaphor Corpus Studies. Journal of   Shenzhen University (Humanities & Social Sciences), 2: 116-120.

7.   2007. Jianxue Li. On Cognitive Approach to Second Language Pragmatic   Development. Journal of Yangzhou   University (Humanities & Social Sciences), 6: 32-36.

8.   2006. Jianxue Li. An Experiential Cognitive Study on Second Language   Pragmatic Development. Foreign   Languages and Their Teaching, 5: 4-7.

9.   2005. Jianxue Li .On Lexicalization as the Counter-example of   Grammaticalization. Journal of Guangxi   Normal University, 1: 86-90.

10.   2004. Jianxue Li. A Study on the Relations Between Discourse Markers and   Metapragmatic Strategies. Foreign   Language Teaching, 6: 4-8.

Conferences   (papers presented)

A   Study on Metaphor Cognitive Graph and Narrative Spatial Cognition. Keynote   speech on The Third session of Jiangsu linguistic forums.(May 2013, Nanjing,   Jiangsu)

Scholarly   Exchanges

November 2011, Visiting Scholar in Yokohama   National University, Japan

Past   Schools

Jiangsu Normal University

Awards   & Grants

1.   2016 Honorary Title of the Twelfth Session   Jiangnan University “My Favorite Teacher”

2.   2015 School-level Teaching Achievement Award for The Innovative Integration of MOOC and College English Writing Curriculum

3.   2013 Provincial third prize excellent graduation thesis supervisor in Jiangsu   institutions of higher education.

4.   2013 School-level Teaching Achievement Award for A Study on the Curriculum and Practice System of Social Service-Oriented   Translation Course for English Majors

5.   2011 School-level first prize winner of teaching achievement for The Reformation of Comprehensive English   Curriculum System

6.   2009 The Second Prize for Outstanding Multimedia Teaching Courseware in   Jiangsu institutions of higher education.

7.   2011-2014, Research on the Professionalization of English Language Program   Evaluation at Elementary Education Stage, the general project of the Ministry of Education’s   humanities and social sciences, the director.



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