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The School of Foreign Studies (SFS) was established in 2005, evolving from the Department of Foreign Languages of Jiangnan University. Its predecessors were a gradual amalgamation of the foreign language departments of Wuxi University of Light Industry, Jiangnan College, Wuxi Educational College and Donghua University (Wuxi).

Presently, SFS comprises four teaching units: the Department of English, the Department of Japanese, the Department of Essential College English, and the Department of College English Enrichment. SFS also boasts six research-oriented teams, including Modern and Contemporary English Literature Research, College English Teaching Reform and Innovation, Chinese Culture and Thinking Translation Research, Construction Grammar and Cognition Research, Japanese Research Center, and Language and Technology Research and Innovation, in addition to the Center of American Studies.

SFS offers a masters program in English Language and Literature and two bachelor programs in English and Japanese to about 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students. SFS is also responsible for teaching English, Japanese, German and French as a foreign language to more than 20,000 non-English majors at Jiangnan University.

Among the 148 SFS faculty, 123 are lecturers, with 10 professors, 27 associate professors, 21 PhD holders and 60 teachers with overseas study or research experience in such countries as the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Germany. SFS currently has four full-time foreign teachers and also hires 6-10 foreign teachers each year. SFS has invited more than 10 experts from home and abroad as guest professors.

SFS offers promising students from all over the world the chance to pursue BA degree studies in

?           English

?           Japanese

or MA research degree studies in English Language and Literature in the following research areas

?           applied linguistics

?           British and American Literature

?           Translation Theory and Practice.

SFS’s curricula are underpinned by the principle “quality and excellence” and this is reflected in the outstanding undergraduate results for English (TEM-4/8) and Japanese (JLPT N5-N1) majors.

Awards and government recognition attest to SFS’s national status. In 2008 and 2010, College English was awarded provincial and national Excellent College Course. In 2011, SFS was accredited as one of the Third Batch of College English Reform and Demonstration Sites by the Ministry of Education of China and honored with the second prize of Jiangsu Higher Education Award for Teaching Achievements.

In 2013, Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Reform Priority among Priorities Project–“Higher Education Institution English Resource Construction and Teaching Model Innovation Research in the Digitalized Environment” was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education’s expert panel.

The new college English curriculum and modules have been incorporated into SFS’s comprehensive educational reform plan and the university’s thirteenth Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), and they have won the attention of national peers. SFS’s curriculum and modules have gradually become the benchmark for regional college English teaching reform.

SFS attaches great importance to all-round student development and organizes a series of extracurricular activities such as English Corner, Japanese Garden, English Composition Competition and Foreign Song Contest. Students have won numerous prizes in the “FLTRP Cup” National English Speaking Contest, “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition, “National English Contest for College Students”, “China Cup” National and East China Region Japanese Speaking Contest, “Asahi Cup” Jiangsu Provincial Japanese Speaking Contest, “Sunyu Cup” Jiangsu Provincial Japanese Translation Contest, “Casio Cup” Jiangsu Higher Education Institution Japanese Dubbing Competition and other provincial and municipal competitions.

In the period 2014-2017, undergraduate overseas further study reached an annual average of 32.68%. SFS has set up student exchange programs with Waseda University, Tokyo Keizai University, Matsuyama Shinonome College, Fukui University, Gifu University, and Mie University, apart from its regular overseas exchange activities with UC Davis, Kyoto University, and Kagawa University.

SFS vigorously promotes academic exchanges with higher learning institutions at home and abroad and invites nationally and internationally renowned experts and scholars to give lectures and advice. In recent years, it has organized many regional and national academic conferences and delegated around 30 teachers every year to participate in national and international conferences.

SFS is now a testing center for the Business English Certificate (BEC), and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which are internationally recognized examinations, and for the Shanghai Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters.

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