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English Phonetics

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English Phonetics Course Description

Course Title: English Phonetics

Course Prerequisites:

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/Computer Hours:

Credit: 1.0

Major: English

Course Description:

    English Phonetics is a foundation course that helps English majors to understand some fundamental phonetic theories and, by means of pronunciation practice, after-class listening, imitation and reading, acquire solid skills in pronunciation and intonation. Students improve their skills of speaking as a progression to their future English learning.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1.   秦小怡. 英语语音技能教程(第3版)[M]. 北京:北京语言大学出版社, 2015.

2.   李正栓,张敬彩. 英语语音简明教程 [M]. 上海:上海交通大学出版社, 2012.

3.   贝壳,戈德斯坦. 剑桥国际英语语音教程(汉译版)(美音版)(第二版)[M]. 北京:北京语言大学出版社, 2012.

4.   贝壳. 剑桥国际英语语音教程Ship or Sheep(英音版)(汉译版)(第三版)[M]. 北京:北京语言大学出版社, 2011.



Written by: Huang Ping

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