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Translators’ Life

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Translators’ Life 

Course Description


Course Title: Translators’ Life     

Course Prerequisites: The History of Chinese Civilization    

Course to be followed: Translation History of China

Credit: 1.0  

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16         

Lecture Hours: 16             

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Practice: 0          

Major: Any majors     

Course Description:

Translators’ Life is a general course open to any undergraduate students. This course aims to cultivate the humanistic spirit of students by inspiring their ideas, nurturing their characters, and broadening their knowledge.

This course intends to lead students to attain knowledge of some well-known Chinese translators from different periods in Chinese history. Part of the curriculum will involve learning about their life experiences, careers as translators, achievements in translation (translations and/or translation theory), translation thoughts and their impact on Chinese translations. By learning all these aspects, students will have a better appreciation the spirit and values of these translators. This course helps to also strengthen students’ general education, develop their positive values, and realize their creative talents as cultivated by Jiangnan University.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. 陈福康. 中国译学史[M]. 上海:上海外语教育出版社. 2011.(Chen Fukang. The History of Chinese Translation Theory[M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2011.)

2. 郭著章等. 翻译名家研究[M]. 武汉: 湖北教育出版社, 1999.(Guo Zhuozhang. Studies of Famous Transltors[M]. Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 1999.)

3. 马祖毅. 中国翻译通史[M].武汉: 湖北教育出版社.2006. (Ma Zuyi. Chinese Translation History[M]. Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2006.)

4. 孟昭毅, 李载道. 中国翻译文学史[M].北京: 北京大学出版社, 2005. (Meng Shaoyi, Li Zaidao. Chinese History of Translation Literature[M]. Beijing: Beijing University Publishing House, 2005.)

5. 彭桂芝. 中外翻译史解读[M]. 武汉:武汉大学出版社, 2016.(Peng Guizhi. Interpretation of Translation History[M]. Wuhan: Wuhan University Press, 2016.)

6. 王秉钦. 中国翻译思想史[M].天津:南开大学出版社.2004. (Wang Binqin. The History of Chinese Translation Thought [M]. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, 2004.)

7. 王宏印. 中国传统译论经典诠释----从道安到傅雷[M]. 武汉: 湖北教育出版社. 2003. (Wang Hongyin. Interpretation of Classic Chinese Traditional Translation Theories-From Dao an to Fu Lei[M]. Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2003.)

8. 王宏志. 翻译史研究[C]. 上海: 复旦大学出版社, 2015. (Wang Hongzhi. A Study of Translation History[C]. Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2015.)

9. 王铁钧.中国佛典翻译史稿[M]. 北京: 中央编译出版社, 2006.(Wang Tiejun. Chinese Buddhist Translation History[M]. Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2006.)

10. 张智中. 许渊冲与翻译艺术[M]. 武汉: 湖北教育出版社, 2006. (Zhang Zhizhong. Xu Yuanchong and Translation Art. Wuhan: Hubei Education Press, 2006.)


Written by: Peng Fangzhen              



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