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BA in English

Translation Workshop

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Translation Workshop Course Description


Course Title: Translation Workshop

Course Code:

Course Prerequisites: Citation of English Beautiful Articles, Retrieval and Reference of English Literature

Following CourseGraduation Practice and Graduation Assignment

Credit: 0.5

Total Semester Credit Hours: one week 

Lecture/Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Practice Hours: one week

DepartmentSchool of Foreign Studies

Major: English

Course Description:

Translation Workshop is a centralized practicum for English majors. This course aims to enhance students’ awareness of English vocabulary, syntactic structure and genre in light industry, and the difficulties and doubts in the process of English-Chinese translation in light industry science and technology. This will be done by carrying out English-Chinese translation in the fields of food, biological engineering and so on.

This course helps students learn related professional knowledge in the development of their English and Chinese language skills as well as enhance their understanding and recognition of the light industry. This course will provide service for cultivating high-qualified foreign language talents with solid language foundation, excellent translation skills, and rich knowledge of light industry.

Textbooks and Course Materials: None


Written by: Li Xuening

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