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Selected Readings in Western Culture (Bilingual)

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Selected Readings in Western Culture (Bilingual) Course Description



Course Title: Selected Readings in Western Culture (Bilingual)

Course Prerequisites: College Chinese

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Credit: 1


Course Description:

Selected Readings in Western Culture is a bilingual course in liberal education for non-English majors. The aim of this course is to introduce Western Culture of different ages, together with its historical events. But our major purpose is not merely to learn some facts, but rather, with the vision of historical penetration, to organically study Western Culture, the spiritual cores of which are the Hebrew culture, the Greek's individualism, the Romans' sense of social responsibility, etc. Upon completion of this course, students will have an overview of the rise and fall of Greece, the cultural heritage from Rome, Medieval civilization, the Renaissance, and the expansion of the modern industrial West. Furthermore, students will be able to understand some key ideas in Western Culture and gain an awareness of Western-culture-chauvinism. Finally, they will broaden their vision and improve their critical consciousnesses and critical ability concerning the Western Culture.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1.马克?凯什岚斯基. 西方文明史 [M]. 北京: 中国人民大学出版社,2014.Mark?Kishlansky, A Brief History of Western Civilization:The Unfinished Legacy(Fifth Edition)[M], Beijing: The Chinese People’ University Publishing House, 2014.)

2.威廉·麦克尼尔,盛舒蕾. 西方文明史手册[M]. 杭州:浙江大学出版社,2016.William H.McNeillHistory of Western Civilization A Hand Book [M], HangzhouZhejiang University Press2016.

3.丹尼斯·舍尔曼. 西方文明史[M]. 上海:复旦大学出版社,2015.Daniel Sherman, Western Civilization [M], Shanghai: Fudan University Publishing House,2015.

4.佩里?M?罗杰斯 (作者), 潘惠霞 (译者), 魏婧 (译者). 西方文明史:问题与源头[M].大连:东北财经大学出版社,2011.Perry?M?RogersAspects of Western Civilization Problems and Sources in history [M]Dalian: Northeast Finance and Economy University Press,2011.

5.马克垚. 世界文明史 [M].北京:北京大学出版社,2004. (Ma Keyao, A History of The Global Civilization[M], Beijing: Beijing University Publishing House, 2004.)

6.朱孝远. 欧洲涅槃: 过渡时期欧洲的发展概念[M]. 上海: 学林出版社2002. ( Zhu Xiaoyuan, Europe Rebirth: The Europe Concepts of Developement in its Transitional Phases[M], Shanghai: Xuelin Publishing House,2002.)

7.()皮特?斯特恩斯. 全球文明史(3) [M]. 北京: 中华书局,2006.Peter N. Stearns,World Civilizationsthe Global Experience[M], Beijing: Zhonghua Book Bureau Publishing House,2006.

8.()苏里文,()谢尔曼,()哈里森. 西方文明史[M]. 赵宇峰, 赵伯炜译. 海口:海南人民出版,2009.Richard E. Sullivan/Sherman/Harrison,A Short History of Western Civilization[M], Haikou:Hainan People’s  Publishing House2009.


Written by: Zhang Junping


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