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Selected Readings in Chinese Culture (Bilingual)

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Selected Readings in Chinese Culture (Bilingual) Course Description



Course Title: Selected Readings in Chinese Culture (Bilingual)

Course Prerequisites: College Chinese

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Credit: 1


Course Description:

Selected Readings in Chinese Culture is a bilingual course in liberal education for non-English majors. The aim of this course is to introduce Chinese culture of different eras, together with historical events. The course will enable students to understand the basic patterns, categories, concepts of Chinese culture, familiarize them with the contents of Chinese classics and their relevant English versions. Its frame work will include Chinese Mythology; Chinese Confucianism; Buddhism; Taoism; Legalism and other schools of thought; the Chinese religious, literary, historic, aesthetic and educational traditions. The course looks to cultivate a sense of pride and confidence in students towards Chinese national culture but does not aim to stir up cultural chauvinism. It aspires to promote an objective outlook towards other cultures so that students can appreciate shared values in a globalized world.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1.吴鼎民.中国文化概览[M]. 上海译林出版社2010.(Wu Dingming, A Panoramic View,of Chinese Culture[M],Shanghai: Translations Publishing House.)

    2.吕思勉.中国通史[M].北京中华书局2015. (Lv Simian, A General History of China[M],Beijing: China Book Bureau,2015.)

    3.宪群.中国通史(套装共5) [M].北京华夏书局2016.(Xianqun, A General History of China[M], Huaxia Book Bureau, 2016.)

    4.葛兆光.中国思想史.(2) [M].上海复旦大学出版社2013-06.(Ge Zaoguang, History of the Chinese Ideologies(The Second Edition)[M], Shanghai: Fudan University Publishing House, 2013-06.)

    5.范文澜.中国通史简编[M].北京人民出版社1964.Fan WenlanA Brief History of China[M], Beijingthe People’s Publishing House, 1964.

    6.袁行霈等.中华文明史[M].北京北京大学出版社2004.(Yuan Xingpei, A History of China’s Civilization[M], Beijing: Beijing University Press,2004.)

7.钱穆.国史大纲[M].北京商务印书馆出版,1940.Qian MuA Outline of China’s History[M],Commercial Press,1940.

  8.郭庆堂,王昭风.哲学通论[M].北京中国社会科学出版社2008.(Guo Qingtang, Wang ZhaofengA General Survey of Philosophy[M],BeijingChina’s Social Science Publishing House2008.)

 9.杨敏等.中国文化通览[M].北京高等教育出版社2006.(Yangming, A General Review of China’s Cultures[M],Beijing: Publishing House of Higher Education2006.)

    10.夏基松.现代西方哲学[M].上海上海教育出版社2006.Xia Jisong, Modern Western Philosophies[M],Shanghai: Shanghai Education Press,2006.

    11.董子竹.老子我说[M].武汉长江文艺出版社2002.(Dong Zizu, My Reading of Lao Zi[M],WuhanZhangjiang Arts Publishing House,2002.)

12.包通法.共识与相异[M].长春吉林人民出版社2002.(Bao Tongfa, Shared Values and Differences[M], Changchun::Jielin People’s Publishing House,2002.)


Written by: Zhang Junping



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