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Practical Business English Communication

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Practical Business English Communication

Course Description

Course Title: Practical Business English Communication

Course Prerequisites: Fundamental College English and Module Courses

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/ Computer Hours:           0

Credit: 1

Major: All majors

Course Description:

It is designed for students from all majors who are in their first or second years, who want to improve their English for business and professional purposes. Practical Business English Communication is functionally based but incorporates practice in oral and written skills, as well as a balance between controlled practice and meaningful communication. A variety of situations will be presented in the classroom, reflecting the kind of business practice that the learners are likely to encounter in their future workplace. After taking this course, the learners will not only improve their practical skills but also acquire some fundamental business knowledge and skills. It will prepare them for taking advanced business courses, and entering into the business community after graduation. 


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent, 《体验商务英语综合教程3[M]. 北京:高等教育出版社,2012.

2. Nick Brieger, 《柯林斯商务英语写作》[M]. 北京:商务印书馆,2014.

3. John Hughes, 《新编剑桥商务英语中级第三版》[M]. 北京:经济科学出版社,2012.

4. 杨祖宪, 《跨国公司在中国-最新实用商务英语教程》[M]. 南京:南京大学出版社, 2006.

5.James Schofield, Anna Osborn, Collins English for Business: Speaking[M]. 北京:商务印书馆,2013.

Written by:  Min XU

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