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Multi-angle Interpretations of Current Chinese and English Advertisements

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Multi-angle Interpretations of Current Chinese and English Advertisements

Course Description

Course Title: Multi-angle Interpretations of Current Chinese and English Advertisements

Course number:

Course Prerequisites: College English (Fundamental)

Follow-up course:

Credit: 1

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/ Computer/Practice Hours: 0

Course Provider: School of Foreign studies    

Major: Students of any major

Course Description:

This course is a selective course for general studies, which belongs to traditional Chinese Sinology. With lectures and discussions as the major teaching methods, students are provided with the fundamental knowledge of advertisements and a deep exploration on the integration of advertisements with rhetoric, pragmatics and so on. Through the analysis of excellent advertisements at home and abroad, students are guided to integrating advertisements with linguistics, culture, media studies and designing. The course aims at cultivating students’ ability in the integration of knowledge from various subjects. It also serves to further appreciation of the high-standard advertisements from multiple perspectives as well as the comprehensive ability of multi-subject knowledge and multi-cultural communication so as to enhance the humanistic quality of students.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent, A New Language Course for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders Intermediate Business English Course Book 3 Higher Education Press,2012

2. John li, Hughes,  New Cambridge Business English Intermediate (the Third Edition)Economics Science Press 2012.

3. Jeff Madura, Introduction to Business (English Version/the Fouth Edition) Northeast University of Finance and Economics Press2007.


4. Wang Yanxi English AdvertisingUniversity of International Business and Economics Press, 2004.


5. Huang Guowen, Theory and Practice of Discourse AnalysisShanghai Foreign Language Education Press2001.


6. Zhang Wei, On Persuasiveness of Advertising English, Dissertation for Master’s Degree in East China Normal University, 2006


7. Tang Li, Modern Public Service Advertisement Analysis, East China Normal University Press, 2012


8. Victor Mayer Schoenberg, A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think, Zhejiang People’s Publishing House, 2013


Written by:  Hu Liping

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