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BA in English

Internship and Graduation Assignments

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Internship and Graduation Assignments Course Description


Course Title: Internship and Graduation Assignments

Course Prerequisites: Academic Writing in English, English Literature Retrieval and Query, Lecture Series on English Language and Literature Research

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16 weeks

Lecture Hours: 0

Experiment/ Computer/ Practice Hours: 16 weeks

Credit: 8

Major: English

Course Description:

This is an intensive practical unit within the specialized course system scheduled during the 7th and 8th terms for the final-year undergraduate students. This course consists of internship and graduation assignments designed to encourage students to make their first contact with the world of work and research so that they can develop a sense of applying academic knowledge and skills to the solution of real-world problems as would-be professionals. In the meantime, by undertaking research and independently finishing a graduation thesis or other assignments, students are expected to equip themselves with a spirit of innovation, cooperation and entrepreneurialism and enhance their ability of identifying, analyzing, and solving problems at hand as well as consolidate knowledge and skills which are of fundamental importance to an English major.


Textbooks and Course Materials:


1. 黄国文, 葛达西. 英语学术论文写作[M]. 重庆: 重庆大学出版社, 2014.

Huang Guowen, Ge Daxi. An Introduction to Writing Academic Paper in English [M]. Chongqin: Chongqin University Press, 2014.


2. 董敏, 王秀红. 大学生职业发展与指导[M]. 武汉: 武汉大学出版社, 2011.

Yuan Fenying, Dong Min and Wang Xiuhong. Companion to Career Development for College Graduates [M]. Wuhan: Wuhan University Press, 2011.


Written by: Yang Hao

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