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Food Culture and Translation

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Food Culture and Translation

Course Description


Course TitleFood Culture and Translation               

Course Prerequisites: Translation Practice      

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16        

Lecture Hours: 16            

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0        

Credit: 1        

Major: English           


Course Description:

Food Culture and Translation is an elective course for senior English major students. With the integration of theory and practice, the course aims to foster students’ understanding of Chinese food culture and translation, developing translation skills for this field. This course mainly covers the idea, feature and regional differences in Chinese food culture and their translation; dining etiquette; tea & wine culture, and the close relation between Chinese literature and food culture. Expanding students’ knowledge in both English language and translation theory, this course helps students carry out basic translation practice in Chinese food culture and intercultural communication.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. 吴澎. 中国饮食文化[M]. 北京: 化学工业出版社, 2009. (Wu Peng. Chinese Food Culture. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press. 2009)

2. 叶郎,朱良志. 中国文化读本(英文版)[M]. 北京:外语教学与研究出版社,2008. (Ye Lang, Zhu Liangzhi. Insights into Chinese Culture (English edition). Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. 2008)

3. 李争平. 译谷译. 中国酒(Chinese wine- universe in a bottle[M]. 北京:五洲传播出版社,2010. (Ego (tran.) Chinese wine - Universe in a Bottle [Z]. Beijing: China Intercontinental Press. 2010)


Written by: LIU Mei


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