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BA in English

Field Practice (Probation)

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Field Practice (Probation) Course Description


Course Title: Field Practice (Probation)

Course Prerequisites: Fundamental EnglishEnglish Speaking; English Listening

Total Semester Credit Hours:  4 weeks

Lecture Hours: 0

Experiment/ Computer/ Practice Hours: 4 weeks     

Credit: 2

Major: English

Course Description:

This is an intensive practical subject within the platform course system compulsory for undergraduate English majors either during the end of their freshman or sophomore years. The course aims to offer an opportunity for English majors to get to know the language proficiency requirements for English graduates and their future prospects of finding a good job and developing a good career first-hand, either by attending language service activities, touring enterprises or public institutions involving language services, conducting interviews with language professionals or simply through personal experience. Students will gain a direct understanding of the discrepancies in language, culture, history, thinking, cognition and customs between English and Chinese-speaking people, which will in turn help motivate them to learn more, enhance both their communicative ability and flexibility so as to prepare themselves for future jobs or further study.  

Textbooks and Course Materials:

No textbooks or course materials are needed.


Written by: Zhu Yihua

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