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BA in English

Extracurricular Practice

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Extracurricular Practice Course Description


Course Title: Extracurricular Practice

Course Prerequisites:

Total Semester Credit Hours: 4 weeks

Lecture Hours: 0

Experiment/ Computer/ Practice Hours: 4 weeks       

Credit: 2

Major: English

Course Description:

This is an intensive practice course for third-year English majors, which takes place in the seventh semester, requiring four weeks’ work in total. The course aims to offer an opportunity for English majors to promote various skills, such as comprehensive aural and visual skills, verbal communication skills, reading and writing skills, English-Chinese and Chinese-English interpretation and translation skills as well as creative and critical thinking abilities etc. The course relies on support from both the university and enterprises in society, encouraging students to participate in various types of extracurricular bilingual practices both on and off campus. 

Textbooks and Course Materials:

No textbooks or course materials are needed.


Written by: Zhang Liangqing



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