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English Reading

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English Reading Course Description


Course Title: English Reading

Course Prerequisites: Comprehensive English

Total Semester Credit Hours: 64

Lecture Hours: 64

Experiment/Computer Hours:           

Credit: 4

Major: English

Course Description:

English Reading is a foundation course for English majors. The course aims to improve students’ overall reading skills, including sound reading habits and reading speed. Students develop competence in reading strategies such as skimming and scanning, as well as expanding their vocabulary. Through its reading passages, the course encourages students to become more sensitive and tolerant about foreign cultures, and to be more flexible in dealing with cultural differences. The English Reading course provides a solid platform for students’ future English learning.

Textbooks and Course Materials:

1 王守仁. 新编英语泛读教程(1-4[M].. 上海: 上海外语教育出版社. 2002.

2. 邓炎昌. 现代美国社会与文化 [M].. 北京: 高等教育出版社. 1988.

3. 韩志先. 英语阅读教程(1-4[M].. 北京: 高等教育出版社. 1988

4. 汪士彬. 英语快速阅读 [M].. 天津: 南开大学出版社. 1997.

5. 王宪生. 英美文化艺术简史 [M].. 开封: 河南大学出版社. 1994.


Written by:   Li Hongying 


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