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English Listening

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English Listening Course Description

Course Title: English Listening

Course Prerequisites: high school English

Total Semester Credit Hours: 64      

Lecture Hours: 64

Experiment/Computer Hours:           

Credit: 4

Major: English Language and Literature

Course Description:

English Listening is a foundation course for English majors. This is a practical skills course that focuses on mastery of note-taking, listening for gist, identifying specific information, and drawing inferences, as well as familiarization with pronunciation by different speakers. Through various classroom methods, students improve their English listening skills and therefore are able to progress to future higher level English learning.

Textbooks and Course Materials:

  1. 施心远. 听力教程(1-4册)[M].上海:      上海外语教育出版社.      2013.

  2. 张民伦等. 英语听力入门(1-4册)[M].上海:      华东师范大学出版社. 2008.




Written by: Li Hongying



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