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English Linguistics

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English Linguistics Course Description

Course Title: English Linguistics       

Course Prerequisites: Integrated English

Follow-up CourseApplied Linguistics

Credit: 2

Total Semester Credit Hours: 32         

Lecture Hours: 32           

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Major: English           

Course Description:

English Linguistics is basic course for senior students in the English department. This is a professional course, containing a combination of theoretical illustration and application in skills training. The target of the course is to create in students an understanding about the basic concepts of English linguistics, the four branches of English linguistics and their theories and methods as well as the interrelations between linguistics and other disciplines. As a result of undertaking this course, students will gain basic training in English linguistics, which in turn will provide the students with the theoretical thinking of relevant phenomena.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. 陈新仁. 英语语言学实用教程[M]. 苏州: 苏州大学出版社,2015.

2. 戴炜栋, 何兆熊. 新编简明英语语言学教程[M]. 上海: 上海外语教育出版社,2010.

3. 杨信彰. 语言学概论[M]. 北京: 高等教育出版社,2004.



Written by: Yan Minfen  

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