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English Creative Writing

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English Creative Writing Course Description

Name: English Creative Writing

Course code:

Pre-elective course: English Writing

Post-elective course: British and American Literature

Credits: 2

Total hours: 32

Hours for theory study: 30

Hours for experiments: 0

Hours for computer learning: 0

Hours for practice: 2

School: School of Foreign Studies

Students: English major

Course Description

English Creative Writing is an elective designed for English major undergraduates. Broadly based on an introduction to fundamental skills and principles of creative writing, this course offers students opportunities to study samples of various types of creative writing and to practise specific types of writing. In particular, English Creative Writing encourages students’ creativity and cultivates an aptitude for appreciating writing as an artistic form, thus improving and enriching their writing capability. As an extensive course in English writing, this course can also serve as an introductory course to English literature to help students reach a deeper understanding of literary works and ideas.

Textbooks for reference:

1.       Mills, P. The Routledge Creative Writing Coursebook [M]. London: Routledge, 2006.

2.       Ramet, A. Creative Writing: How to unlock your imagination, develop your writing skills—and get published [M]. Oxford: How to Content, 2007.

3.       Walker, E. Teaching Creative Writing: 50 Cases of Practical Methods [M]. Beijing: Press of People’s University of China, 2014.


Written by: Jiang Yi

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