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Design English and Translation

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Design English and Translation Course Description


Course Title: Design English and Translation      

Course Prerequisites: Translation Theory and Practice

Total Semester Credit Hours:  16

Lecture Hours: 16

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0

Credit: 1

Major: English

Course Description:

Design English and Translation is an elective course in translation and interpreting module for junior English major students. This course takes advantage of the university’s cutting edge field in multidisciplinary design studies encompassing arts and engineering. This course is designed to develop students’ ability to grasp the metalanguage of design literature and to translate said design literature. This course will involve translation projects and workshops in this specialized domain to enable students to hone their specialized translation skills in real-life scenarios to broaden their career choices after graduation.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. Bruce Brown, et al. Design Issues [J]. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2017.

2. 明兰. 艺术设计专业英语[M]. 北京:清华大学出版社,2011.


Written by:  Sun Zhixiang

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