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Costume Culture and Translation

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 Costume Culture and Translation  

Course Description


Course Title: Costume Culture and Translation      

Course Prerequisites: Translation Theory and Practice     

Total Semester Credit Hours: 16           

Lecture Hours: 16             

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0          

Credit: 1.0         

Major: English          

Course Description:

Costume Culture and Translation is an elective course for English undergraduates. It aims at helping students apply their basic translation theories and techniques to translation practice, especially for costume or fashion-related work. Topics for this course include the translation of costume culture, fashion show, business for costumes, etc. The course, being very much multi-disciplinary, will promote the translation research on this area, the cultivation of related talents and the development of costume industry.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. 郭平建,服装英语翻译概论[M].  北京:中国纺织出版社,2013

(Guo Pingjian. A Study on Translation of English for Fashion. [M]. Beijing: Chinese Textile Publisher, 2013)

2. 钱纪芳,服装文字语言的翻译探索:理论与实践[M]. 国防工业出版社,2013

(Qian Jifang. An Exploration of the Translation of Language Used for Costume: Theory and Practice [M]. Beijing: National Defense and Industry Publisher, 2013) 

3. 王传铭,汉英服装服饰词汇[M]. 北京:中国纺织出版社,2002

(Wang Chuanming. Chinese/English Words for Costumes and Fashion. [M]. Beijing:

Chinese Textile Publisher, 2002)

4. 萧立明. 英汉比较研究与翻译[M]. 上海: 上海外语教育出版社,2002

(Xiao Liming: A Comparative Study on Translation from English and Chinese, [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2002)  



Written by: Cao Dan             





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