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Computer-Aided Translation

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Computer-Aided Translation Course Description


Course Title: Computer-Aided Translation

Course Code:

Course Prerequisites: The Theory and Practice of Translation

Following Course

Credit: 2

Total Semester Credit Hours: 32

Lecture Hours: 32

Experiment/ Computer/ Practice Hours: 0

DepartmentSchool of Foreign Studies

Major: English

Course Description:

Computer-Aided Translation is an elective course for senior English major students. The objective of the course is to train students in integrating linguistic theories, mathematical methods and computer technology. Moreover, this course is also aimed for students to understand the relation between computer-aided translation and machine translation, which has roughly experienced three main stages, each with distinguished characteristics. Through this course, students will become proficient in using computer-aided translation software and be able to collaborate in translation with the help of relevant software or systems. All these will further improve their ability of audio-visual understanding, the acquisition and use of relevant professional knowledge as well as the ability of practice and creativity.


Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. C. K. Quah. 翻译与技术[M]. 上海:上海外语教育出版社, 2009. (C. K. Quah. Translation and Technology. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. 2008.)

2. 韩宝成. 外语教学科研中的统计方法[M]. 北京:外语教学与研究出版社, 2014. (Han Baocheng. Statistics in Foreign Language Teaching and Research. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2014.)

3. 李正栓, 孟俊茂. 机器翻译简明教程[M]. 上海: 上海外语教育出版社, 2009. (Li Zhengshuan, Meng Junmao. A Concise Course on Machine Translation. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2009.)

4.王华树. 计算机辅助翻译实践[M]. 北京: 国防工业出版社, 2015. (Wang Huashu. A Practical Guide to Computer Aided Translation. Beijing: National Defend Industry Press, 2015.)


Written by: Li Xuening


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