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Business Translation

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Business Translation Course Description

Course Title: Business Translation        

Course Prerequisites: Business English, Translation Theory and Practice, Interpreting Techniques and Practice      

Total Semester Credit Hours: 32          

Lecture Hours: 32              

Experiment/Computer Hours: 0         

Credit: 2         

Major: English            

Course Description:

Business Translation is an elective for English juniors. This course is based on the latest research into translation and integrates the study of business culture, international business knowledge and translation practice. Business Translation hones students’ translation skills in a variety of commonly used business media, such as corporate names, business cards, advertisements, business correspondence, specifications, contracts, and legal documents. The course places emphasis on both students’ mastery of the features of the main business genres and cultural differences at the macro level, and on the analysis of lexical and syntactical features at the micro level. Through this course, students will grasp the stylistic features of some business genres and can translate them with adequate fidelity, fluency and loyalty to the original style. Hence, students will improve their business translation skills and cross-cultural communicative competence which are needed if they will later work in foreign companies or be involved in international business.

Textbooks and Course Materials:

  1. Duan, Y. Practical Business English      Translation (2nd edition) [M]. Beijing: University of      International Business and Economics Press, 2013.

  2. Li, J., Qian, H. A Practical Course book of Business      English Translation [M]. Nanjing: Southeast University Press, 2014.

  3. Liang, X. Practical Business English Translation      [M]. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2013.

  4. Yuan, C., Jiang, L. Business English      Translation [M]. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press,      2013.

  5. Yue, F., Liu,Y. A Textbook of Business English      Translation [M]. Shamen: Shamen University Press, 2014.


Written by: Zhu Minhua    

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