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Business English Writing

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Business English WritingCourse Description

Course Title: Business English Writing        

Course Prerequisites: Business English, Writing      

Total Semester Credit Hours: 32          

Lecture Hours: 32              

Experiment/Computer Hours: 0         

Credit: 2         

Major: English            

Course Description:

Business English Writing is an elective for English juniors. It integrates writing theory with hands-on practice and develops technical writing proficiency and file-processing competence to levels that are required by higher-level secretarial positions. By presentation and analysis of representative model files, the course deepens students’ understanding of a variety of common business documents, such as business letters, memos, minutes, company profiles, business reports, business plans, annual reports and contracts. It gives students a grasp of pragmatic functions related to business documents and later provides training in how to write and modify corresponding files based on simulated business situations. At the end of the course, students will have developed better writing habits and better technical writing skills.

Textbooks and Course Materials:

1.        Dong, X. Business English Writing (2nd edition) [M]. Beijing: University of International Business and Economics Press, 2016.)

2.        Ge, C. The Writing of English [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2013.

3.        Hu, Y., Che, L. Business English Writing [M]. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2013.

4.        Strunk, W., White, E. B. (eds.). The Elements of Style (4th edition) [M]. St. Louis: Turtleback Books, 2003.

5.        Su, Z. Business English Writing [M]. Suzhou: Soochow University Press, 2007.

6.        Taylor, S. Model Business Letters, E-mails & Other Business Documents (7th edition) [M]. Lu, Y., Bai, R., trans. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2014.

Written by: Zhu Minhua

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