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Advanced Chinese-English Translation

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Advanced Chinese-English Translation Course Description


Course Title: Advanced Chinese-English Translation

Course Prerequisites: Translation Theory and PracticeAdvanced English-Chinese Translation

Total Semester Credit Hours: 32

Lecture Hours: 32

Experiment/ Computer Hours: 0       

Credit: 2

Major: English

Course Description:

This is an elective course for senior English major students. This course aims to further students’ knowledge on Chinese-English translation theories and application of translation techniques. Moreover, this course is meant to help them understand the text categories for translation; meaning decisions in translation; impacts of cultural differences on translation; effects of contrastive studies between Chinese and English on translation, and what the requirements are to successfully complete the translation portion of the TEM-8 exam.


Students will be trained in how to do Chinese-English translation in cross-cultural context. During the course, the teacher will give complete focus to students’ potential, innovation, and practical ability; thereby develop their ability to think critically and translate professionally to properly prepare them for the translation industry.

Textbooks and Course Materials:

1. 陈宏薇,李亚丹. 新编汉英翻译教程(2) [M]. 上海: 上海外语教育出版社, 2013.  Chen Hongwei and Li Yadan: A New Chinese-English Translation Course (2nd ed.), Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2013

2. 朱徽, 罗列. 汉英翻译教程(2) [M]. 重庆: 重庆大学出版社, 2015.

  Zhu Wei and Luo Lie: A Chinese-English Translation Course (2nd ed.), Chongqing: Chongqing University Press, 2015.

3. 陈美. 汉英翻译高级教程(1) [M]. 上海: 华东理工大学出版社, 2016.

  Chen Mei: An Advance Course of Chinese-English Translation (1st Ed.), Shanghai: East China University of Science and Technology Press, 2016.


Written by: Zhu Yihua

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