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Academic Writing in English

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Academic Writing in English Course Description


Course Title: Academic Writing in English

Course Prerequisites: Fundamental English, Advanced English

Total Semester Credit Hours: 1 week

Lecture Hours: 0

Experiment/ Computer Hours/ Practice Hours: 1 week

Credit: 0.5

Major: English

Course Description:

This is an intensive practice unit within the specialized course system scheduled during the 3rd short-term, which is a practice-oriented workshop designed to prepare third-year English majors for final-year graduation assignments such as thesis writing. In parallel with English Literature Retrieval and Query, another practice-based course, students will be instructed in finding, reading, sorting, selecting and reviewing research papers, keeping up with the latest developments as well as having an overview of the research areas concerned. Through this short and intensive training course, students will be able to narrow down their research topics and make a preliminary choice on the topics to be pursued for their graduation assignments. Assessment will be based on an academic report that each student is required to hand in by the end of the short-term program.


Textbooks and Course Materials:


黄国文, 葛达西. 英语学术论文写作[M]. 重庆: 重庆大学出版社, 2014.

Huang Guowen, Ge Daxi. An Introduction to Writing Academic Paper in English [M]. Chongqin: Chongqin University Press, 2014.


Written by: Yang Hao

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